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Video playlist above includes live footage courtesy of Peter Mattson, WhollyGhost, and Jimmy CraicHead.

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mp3 files also available from these blogs:

freedom has no bounds ultra rare live radio and performance recordings

last days of man on earth - January 13, 2007 various releases

last days of man on earth - July 21, 2007 Get Off My Back Philly Hardcore Comp (82)

last days of man on earth - February 8, 2010 Fiat Lux

noise addiction: Philly Hardcore 1981 - 1986

maximum rock and roll 1980s internationally syndicated punk rock radio show
includes punk rock du jour and Tim Yohannon's probing interview with Ruin during one of their West Coast jaunts beginning with yet another permutation of White Rabbit @ the 27 minute mark

pessimist club yet another blog to be found with commentary and mp3 files

the Fiat Lux lp version of Ruin's White Rabbit  reached number 14 on Zebox's All Time Top Downloads list June 2004.

I'm told you can still hear Ruin by request from these broadcasts: KALX | | WKDU

The vinyl releases of the albums, "HE HO" and "Fiat Lux", as well as the cd re-issue of "Songs of Reverie and Ruin" are out of print but may be buried somewhere in independent record shops or found on Ebay.