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Press Release November 8, 2016


Southern Lord are extremely pleased to be reviving the music of Philadelphia's lost punk heroes, Ruin. Long considered a treasured local delicacy of the city's earlier hardcore scene, Ruin released two albums during their original run, 1984's He-Ho and 1986's Fiat Lux, both of which will be combined in for a vinyl release this December.

Set against the backdrop of a city destroying itself in slow motion, Ruin were of a Philly generation that had to create its own culture to push back against the despair and dead ends that they were confronted with. Their relative isolation is mirrored in the distance between Ruin's muscular, turbo-garage jams and the rest of US punk/HC at the time - the band got it across not through violent speed and mania, but with body-shaking chunks of simpler punk that refused to fit in with the wider template. Labelled from their early days as a Buddhist hardcore band (though not strictly the truth), Ruin are an object of intrigue that have rewarded the curious since 1982, but getting your hands on either out of print He-Ho or Fiat Lux has never been an easy task. A recorded output that totals 28 tracks (including a couple of significant Leonard Cohen covers that were praised by the artist himself) will at last be available on a wider scale, including original scans of the detailed lyric sheets and inserts, as well as in depth retrospective notes that help to place Ruin in Philly and punk history.

Performing on candlelit stages all clad head to toe in white, Ruin aren't a band to listen to if you want to hear another near identical iteration of a New York, LA or Midwest sound - they simply couldn't be playing for any other reason than to satisfy themselves and realise their ideas. They rocked hard and loud but in their own method, and the heat and sweat of their playing emanates from the rich recordings.

Additionally, Vive 1977 and Southern Lord present Ruin in a once in a lifetime event on Saturday December 17, 2016 at The Barbary 951 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia. In an intimate small room, audiences can celebrate the re-issue and record release of He-Ho and Fiat Lux on Southern Lord. The ticket price is $30.00 and each ticket holder will receive admittance to the event (doors 7pm) and afterparty (starts 10pm until 2am), a copy of the new LP release He-Ho / Fiat Lux, as well as copy of the DVD Ruin.. Killed Live from Union Transfer. Tickets go on sale Sunday November 27th via ruin.brownpapertickets.com

Pre orders are now live via the Southern Lord store: http://southernlord.com/bands/view/ruin


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Yo! Philly and San Francisco 80s punk rock fans!

RUIN will reassemble and perform at the Union Transfer in Philadelphia, August 31, 2013!

Fan support is making this happen -- exceeding the band's kickstarter goal;
which will help to bring about the release of their long promised documentary and re-issue of their album releases.
Click the poster above for a video playlist of just some of what can be found on youtube.

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Core Members of Ruin:

Lead Guitarist: Damon "SouthPaw" Wallis

Drummer of HeHo lp era: Bloody Rich Hutchins

Drummer of Fiat Lux lp era: Paul Della Pelle

Bass Guitarist / sometimes Guitar / Vocals : Cordy Swope

Frontman / Vocals: Vosco Thomas Adams

Founder / Guitarist/ Vocals: Glenn Wallis

Songwriters: All Members

Road Master: Dan "VanMan" Sellethin

HeHo lp produced by Bob Bell

Fiat Lux lp produced by Marc Springer

See Acknowledgements for the rest of the RUINsiders